Aftercare Instructions

You have been tattooed by a trained professional tattoo artist. Care has been taken to keep the tattooing environment  clean and equipment sterile. We use the finest pigments available.  Your tattoo aftercare is absolutely crucial to the final condition of your tattoo.

Aftercare is solely your responsibility. The final product rests in your hands; take care of it. Follow these aftercare instructions.

IMPORTANT REQUIRED INFORMATION:  Seek medical attention if the site becomes infected or painful or if you develop a fever soon after being tattooed.  

Unlike older bandages, a Saniderm bandage should be kept on for a minimum of 12 hours.

You will need:

     Tattoo Goo        

     Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion                           

      Liquid Soap, like Liquid Dial 

The Cleaning Process

As soon as you remove your bandage, you will need to immediately wash your tattoo with liquid soap. You will not want to use a washcloth to wash it. Just use clean hands. You will need to wash it about four or five times or until it no longer feels slimy. The soap will probably sting a bit as you wash your new tattoo. It doesn’t matter though, you will still need to wash it completely, 4 to 5 times as soon as you remove the bandage.

  1. Allow your tattoo to air dry for fifteen minutes before applying any ointment to it.
  2. Apply a very, very thin layer of Tattoo Goo to your tattoo after it has been allowed to air dry. Do not apply too much.  Keep the layer of ointment that is applied to the tattoo as thin as humanly possible. Too much ointment may lead to requiring touch ups.
  3. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times daily for the entire healing period.

The First Few Days

You will experience some oozing the first few days. When this happens, you will need to wash it according to the steps outlined in the cleaning process above. You will be using the Aquaphor Healing Ointment or Tattoo Goo exclusively during this initial healing phase.  Your tattoo will peel in 2-4 days. Do not pick it. Do not scratch it. If you pick it or scratch it, you risk ruining your tattoo. You must allow the skin to fall away naturally. Your tattoo will stop peeling after about a week. Once the peeling has stopped, you no longer have to apply the ointment. You can then switch to using the Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion.

The Second Week

After about 7-10 days, when the tattoo has stopped peeling, you should still be keeping the tattoo clean and you should be applying Lubriderm lotion several times a day. At this point, your tattoo may look like it’s fading. This strange look happens as the skin heals over your tattoo.

During the Entire Two Week Healing Phase

Keep clothing off of the tattoo as much as possible.  Keep all tight clothing away from the tattoo.

No swimming.

No soaking baths.

No hot tubs.

No saunas.

Stay out of the sun.

Do not shave over your tattoo.

Keep your tattoo clean.

Keep your bedding clean.

Keep your clothing clean.

No tanning beds.

Use clean, fresh towels after bathing

It’s important for you to remember, a tattoo is a wound and you have to heal from it.  In order to avoid infection and to avoid losing pigment, all these measures should be taken.  Seek medical attention if the site becomes infected or painful or if you develop a fever soon after being tattooed.   

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