Affiliated Artists & Independent Contractors

The Shop in Fowlerville is a licensed tattoo studio. We are affiliated with artists and other subcontractors. This is a complete list of our affiliations. No one else is professionally affiliated in any way with The Shop at this time (2/18/21).


Darl Papple – Portrait Artist, Owner

Audra Fokken – Lead Artist, Independent Contractor

Destini Challiss – Junior Artist, Independent Contractor


Aaron McAlister – Working Apprentice, Independent Contractor

Cole Hill – Working Apprentice, Independent Contractor

Other Contractors

Dawn Papple – Lead Marketer & Health Code Instruction, Independent Contractor

Noah Preuss – Marketing, Independent Contractor (To start in April)

Current Approved Guest Artist List

Philly John Campbell – Independent Contractor

If you are an artist interested in becoming a guest artist or joining our team, please contact us. If you are a client or potential client and are curious if there have been any changes to this list, please contact us. If you are a distributor or tattoo supplier and are trying to verify that someone is affiliated with us and they are not on this list, please contact us.

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