Darl’s Custom Tattoo Portfolio

Darl offers veteran discounts for all tattoo work. As of 4/13/2022, the special veteran rate is $100/hour. Darl is an Army veteran himself.

Darl prefers photo-realism but excels in most styles except fantasy-realism. He generally does not tattoo religious-themed designs or “tribal tattoos” unless the client has an actual heritage connection warranting tribal-style tattooing.

Darl has auditory damage (nerves in his ears) from his military deployment to Kuwait. Please conduct a pre-consult via the Facebook page, Instagram page, or email in order to make sure that design ideas are communicated well prior to any consult or tattooing appointment.

Darl rotates his days off to better serve client needs. His first appointment of the workday is at 11am and he does not work late into the evening.

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