Accepting Guest Artists!

Due to new insurance requirements, all tattoo guest artists in Michigan must have a minimum of one year of experience to tattoo on clients.

Perks of Guest-Tattooing at The Shop

For starters, The Shop is properly licensed through the state, something that is not always true of seemingly legit tattoo shops in the state. Click here for proof, search the document by our address (141 S Grand Ave.) or our name (The Shop in Fowlerville) or our county (Livingston) or our license number for our new location (BA-02413). This is what you’ll find as of November 2022, because our license for the old facility is still paid for through the end of the year:

Besides for being a legal tattooing facility, we also offer other advantages too:

  • Complimentary supply of gloves, lap cloths, in-booth paper towel, and many other supplies.
  • Designated booth space.
  • Designated drawing desk.
  • You set your schedule within operating hours.
  • You choose your clients if you want, but we have overflow to share!
  • You have the right to refuse your client’s designs that you don’t want to do.
  • You have a right to set your own rates, your own scheduling procedures.
  • While, it’s likely you’d be welcome to come tattoo in The Shop regularly if you wanted to, we will never ask you to. I don’t use guest spots to try to lure artists into booth rentals. (Unless, you’re Philly John & own your own shop).
  • I never expect a cut of your merch sales or your fine art sales.
  • I can collect deposits for you if you want.

Of course, I handle your sharps disposal, as required by the state and as the facility license holder, I am obligated to only allow artists who follow Michigan’s body art law to provide tattooing service within my facility, but all artists at The Shop are treated like individual business owners, including guest artists.

Interested in Guest-Tattooing at The Shop?

A successful guest artist at The Shop should:

  • Present The Shop with their up-to-date BBP certificate.
  • Maintain their own tattoo liability insurance or request to be temporarily added to ours.
  • Have a portable means for accepting credit cards (like Square).
  • Bring their own ink, machines, and mayo stand.
  • Have some custom flash sheets prepped.

If you are interested in a guest spot at The Shop, you will need to present us with an online portfolio.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist or some other political affiliation. We believe most people are capable of getting along. We fall all over the political spectrum here and so do our clients, but we will not maintain a business relationship with hostile, hateful, transphobic, homophobic, racist or mean artists.


Applying for a Tattoo Artist Guest Spot at The Shop

To apply, please fill out the form below.