Happy Halloween! (3 Cool Things.)

We love Halloween and hope you will join us in the festivities!

Cool Thing #1:

First off, we are very pleased to be able to be giving the little Trick or Treaters that come into The Shop on Halloween UNREAL Candy, courtesy of The Livingston Parent Journal! We are pleased because our family works really hard to try to keep fake ingredients out of our own children’s food. It’s one of the things that matters to us personally.  We cracked up to see the UNREAL Candy slogan, “Never fake real ingredients.”  Isn’t that the truth?! Even supposed “natural” food out there is not actually natural by any reasonable standard of naturalness. UNREAL Candy contains no GMOs at all. It contains no gluten, no preservatives, no fake coloring, no fake flavoring. All the stuff that the little ones in our own family don’t tolerate well. So, if you share some of the same food issues in your family as we do in ours, please mark The Shop on your Trick or Treating itinerary on October 31st. Even if you don’t have food concerns, stop by anyway because of Cool Thing #2.

Cool Thing #2:

Next, while you are there, take a picture of yourself or your kiddos in costume standing in front of The Shop. Make sure to get our logo in the picture. Then, post it to our facebook page. If you do this, you will earn yourself $10 of free Tattoo Cash that you can redeem towards a new tattoo by Darl.  Details on Tattoo Cash can be found here.

Cool Thing #3:

Finally, there’s also this awesomeness:

flyer costume contest copy






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