We have a new apprentice.

We are really stoked to be able to announce that we now have a new shop family member!

Our new apprentice is not filling the actual apprentice position we have open because he’s already spent a significant amount of time learning the trade. He is an extraordinarily talented artist, and we’ve hoped he would join our team for some time. We’ve finally managed to figure out a schedule that will work for everyone while he works on completing his apprenticeship.

Everyone, meet Matt Limbers & his wife:

matt 1

Matt is a longtime Livingston County resident. He is happily married to a wonderful woman named Jodi Limbers. (Locals may remember her as Jodi Sherk.) Matt is also the hardworking father of three children. The Limbers have resided in downtown Howell for a number of years.  Matt’s first priority is his family. That is why he won’t be at The Shop every time you stop in.  We fully support his desire to provide for his family, enjoy his family and pursue his dream of being a professional tattoo artist and are committed to working with him on this. He is a very driven individual and we are very proud to have him on our team.

matt 2

His apprenticeship will be part time and will take as long as is needed to accumulate the kind of experience we need. Once Matt’s completed his tattoo apprenticeship, you will see much more of him at The Shop. Matt’s full time job is weather dependent, so if you want to get a chance to meet him while he learns, your best bet will be to stop in on a rainy day.

To see some of Matt Limber’s outstanding drawing skills, check out some of his work he has posted to his Facebook portfolio here. Feel free to send him a friend request, he’s a super nice guy and not nearly as spammy as we are.


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