Recall Alert: Ask Your Artist To Check The Lot Numbers Before They Tattoo You Using Scalpaink, Dynamic, Antone’s Ink, Color Art Inc, or Solid Ink

Our inks were not affected by this recall.

We subscribe to email alerts from the FDA pertaining to recalls, so we learn of recalls right away. None of the inks in our shop were the targets of this recall. None of our clients were ever at risk from the contamination events described in this tattoo recall.

Not every tattoo artist or shop subscribes to these alerts though, so they might not be aware of this recall of tattoo inks. So, if you’re going to be getting a new tattoo, please ask your artist to check their inks.

The inks involved were the following:

  • All lots of basic black tattoo ink from Scalpaink SC
  • All lots of basic black tattoo ink from Scalpaink PA
  • All lots of basic black tattoo ink from Scalpaink AL
  • Dynamic Color black tattoo ink lots: 12024090 & 12026090
  • Color Art Inc/ Solid Ink/ Antone’s Ink lot# 10.19.18 Diablo red tattoo ink

Serious bacterial infection can occur from tattoo inks contaminated with these  microorganism. Anyone potentially exposed to these lots of tattoo ink who also experience a rash that mimics an allergic reaction, contains lesions, or is made of red papules in the area that was tattooed should seek medical attention.

So, if you get tattooed from another shop (or from a scratcher), remember, you have every right to look at the inks you’re getting tattooed with. Check for these brands and ask them to check the lot numbers. Remember, while it’s not ok for you to touch their ink bottles, it’s totally ok for you to ask your artists to show you the lot number for your own protection.


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