2nd Annual #Ink4Autism Event To Benefit The Boxing Autism Club Of Livingston County


We just kicked off our second annual #Ink4Autism tattoo charity event at The Shop! We have a month of tattooing awesomeness happening to raise money for one of our favorite local charities. The Boxing Autism Club of Livingston County  is a nonprofit organization that dives right into the needs of families affected by autism.

Last year, we focused on the “Buddy Bench” projects this charity works on. We were just one shop of over 275 tattoo shops worldwide that participated in an Ink4Autism event. Let’s hope this year is even more eventful!

The Shop will be collecting donations for Boxing Autism Club of Livingston County all month long. We will be featuring multiple designs for people to choose from. All profits brought in from these ready-to-go, shop-custom designs will be donated to the Boxing Autism Club. This charitable organization provides support, policy advocacy and educational resources for Livingston County families, caregivers, individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autistic Individuals.

Every Thursday in April from 5-7,  Matt will also be having a walk-in-only, mini-event. He will feature a classy, small puzzle piece design that he drew up just for this event for free with any donation to the charity! You can find the design on our Facebook page. You can also find updates, openings and other designs for this month-long event as they are uploaded!



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