An Important Announcement For Shop Clients Regarding Accusations Against Another Artist

It has come to my attention that one of our clients may be spreading serious and slanderous lies about a local artist from another shop.

I’m certainly not going to perpetuate the lies by dragging the other artist’s name into this, given the propensity for a small percentage of humans to try to degrade other people. So, don’t bother asking.

If for some unknown reason, one of our clients feels the need to perpetuate slander about one of our competitors, we want nothing to do with it. And I will set the record straight.

For the record: It does not make us look better for one our clients to accuse other shops’ artists of serious and untrue offenses. 

Actually, it makes us look bad and besides that, it’s just plain unethical.

Lies against another local artist that could jeopardize his/her career are not cool.

I do not in any way approve of lies or slander.

It needs to stop.

To be abundantly clear:

We know of absolutely no cases of a legal nature, nor have we ever been privileged to health inspection details about any other shops or artists in Livingston County.  So, if you have heard that we have, it is a lie.


Thank you,

Darl Papple,



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