Tattoo Newbie?

Considering getting your first tattoo? I can help you find the tattoo that is right for you (or design you your own at no charge, except for a deposit that is applicable towards the payment of your tattoo).

I will be:

  • Gentle and thoughtful of how I tattoo your skin to make sure that there is minimal pain. There are techniques that I use that will prevent blowouts and scars that less considerate or “living room artists” will not use.
  • Compassionate towards your choice of designs. I will not disregard the meaning behind your tattoo because to me, that is the most important part, more important than my portfolio.
  • Fair in my pricing. My pricing adjusts according to economic times. A tattoo that would have cost you three hundred a few years ago will now cost you about a hundred.
  • Thorough in my explanations. If you have any questions, I will answer them without making you feel stupid or belittling you.
  • Respectful of your person. I will treat you with dignity. Tattooing is an art for me- not a “scene.” Ladies, I have a wife that I love, I’m not going to hit on you or be a slime ball towards you.
  • Explicit in my aftercare instructions. Half of a good tattoo is my work, half of it is how you care for it afterward. I want your tattoo to look awesome for decades, so your aftercare is important to me. I will go through it carefully and I will be available in the following days if you have any questions.
  • Available to your parents if you want me to talk to them. I know that just because you’re adults doesn’t mean all parents give up caring. If your mom or dad has questions about my techniques, equipment, or sanitation procedures, they can come in or give me a call. (My cell is 810-569-5964) I won’t ridicule you about it. I’d think you’re lucky for having people that still care.
  • Patient with your questions. I want you to have a good experience at the shop. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • Sober. It’s crazy that I have to mention this, but it seems in my field, people have experiences with professionals not being very professional. I don’t come to work stoned, high or drunk. So, you can be assured that I will have the cognitive resources to make sure that I am always careful with your design and with your health.

Now, along with the personality that offers you all of the above promises, I do have a few restrictions:

  • If this is your first tattoo, I will not tattoo your hand. You don’t know what you’re going to be for sure. I’m not going to do anything that will hinder your chances of getting a job. You need to seriously think about the ramifications of hand tattoos, given that you will be shaking a lot of hands over the next few years of your adult life. Sorry, if you want your first tattoo to be on your hand, you’re going to have to go to some other shop. If you’ve already got a bunch of tattoos, I’m willing to discuss it with you.
  • I’m not going to tattoo your face, for the same reason. Sorry.
  • If you are a young adult, I’m not going to tattoo your boyfriend’s name on your body anywhere. Look, I know I’m a tattoo artist, but I’m also a dad and a husband. And I can see things from a dad’s perspective and I can imagine what it would feel like if my wife had a tattoo of her previous boyfriend on her body. I’m not trying to say the love of your life is not the love of your life. As it turned out, after a decade apart, I ended up marrying my high school girlfriend. So, I know it can happen. I just think that with this policy, in ten years, more of you will thank me than still be pissed off at me.

And you can be all, “Well, I’m paying you, I’m the customer” all day long, it won’t change my mind. Though the slogan is that the customer is always right, I think everyone knows that that’s not an absolute. My integrity is more important to me than you being temporarily happy with me. Like I said, I’m a dad.

-Darl Papple


3 thoughts on “Tattoo Newbie?

  1. Hello,I have four tattoo’s but am looking for a new tattoo artist. Mine moved away. Can I find out where you are located at? I am looking for a true artist that is someone that believes tattoo’s to be an art and a way to express yourself. I would be very interested to coming to your shop and looking at your work also discusing some of my ideas for new tattoo’s.


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