Tattoos and Sanitation Checklist

In Michigan, tattooing has just recently begun being monitored by the health departments. The Livingston County Health Department completes the inspections here in Fowlerville. Even with this new statewide policing though, there are still some lingering bad habits that can be seen in some tattoo shops around the state. While, our county has exceptional tattoo shops, … Continue reading Tattoos and Sanitation Checklist

“The guy that did this tattoo sucked so bad.”

Here’s the deal you guys… Please do NOT come into The Shop complaining about the "crappy tattoo" that you got from some other professional tattoo artist. I’m not going to be impressed. I’m not going to be excited. In fact, when you show me your tattoo that is missing chunks of color, all I am … Continue reading “The guy that did this tattoo sucked so bad.”