State Body Art Regulations And Health Inspection Results

Michigan Body Art Law

Public Act 375 passed December 22, 2010 requires a yearly Body Art Facility License issued by the Michigan Department of Community Health in order to perform tattooing. If caught tattooing without the required licence, tattooists face up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500 for each violation!

Only a facility can be licensed.

The State of Michigan maintains an online list of all body art licenses. It’s kept very up to date.

Some tattooists that tattoo out of their houses present a certificate to convince potential clients that they are licensed. That is probably a Red Cross certificate. It is not a State tattooing license. If they say it is, they are lying.

An individual tattoo artist can no longer be licensed in our state – period.

Health Inspection Results

The Shop is a licensed facility in downtown Fowlerville, Michigan. We have always and will always post our completed health inspections for full transparency. The green text below are links to all of our past inspections. Please click on them to see what goes into a health inspection and how our facility did.

The Shop’s Opening Health Inspection Report 10-23-2012

The Shop’s Health Inspection Report 6-6-2013

The Shop’s Health Inspection Report 4-22-2015 

The Shop’s Renovation/ Health Inspection Report 9-1-2015

The Shop Health ( Plus All New Medical Waste) Inspection Report 3-29-16

The Shop’s Health Inspection Report 3-7-17

Important Links

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:

Consent Form (in case you want to fill it out before your appointment):

Information About Tattoo Health Risks And Tattoo Sanitation:


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