Darl Papple, Owner & Lead Artist

Tattoo Artist Specializing in Custom Designs and Portraits

Darl Papple works full-time at The Shop inking custom designs for clients. Darl’s client base typically extends out as far as Ann Arbor, Lansing and Detroit, though this summer he is excited to have three separate customers driving across country to have Darl tattoo their very specific designs.

A Focus on Photo Realism

Darl Papple is an artist by profession, specializing in photo realism, though he is able to tackle almost all styles of art. Shying away only from abstract art, Darl has an extensive portfolio of portraits, tattoo flash, paintings, sketches, and 3D steampunk artwork. Darl excels in oil and acrylic, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, pencil, ink, metal work, woodwork, and of course tattooing.

Respectful and Considerate

Shying away from the typical intimidation routine you find at many other shops in Michigan, artist, Darl Papple strives to make his clients comfortable. Darl Papple patiently informs his clients of the tattooing process and is very open with his extensive sanitation procedures. He will inform his clients of possible design flaws in any outside designs and explain ways to ensure that the tattoo will last for decades to come. His “walking portfolio” is more important to him than his online one, so he guarantees his tattoos with free touch ups. Knowing that a major part in how well a tattoo heals is how his clients take care of it when they walk out the door, he will carefully explain the proper tattoo after care.

Darl Papple at Home

Darl is married to a woman who relishes in and supports his artistic and creative ventures. Darl and his wife Dawn met in Pinckney, Mi when they were kids. They reunited in Howell, Mi after Darl returned home from the army and was residing in Brighton, Mi. They have recently moved back to Pinckney. Tattoo artist, Darl Papple has three children, and aspires to raise them in a self sustainable, earth sheltered home in Stockbridge far enough away from people to hear the wind rustle the leaves, see the stars shining brightly in the night sky. When not creating artwork, he is busy helping with the household and the children, tinkering with his 1955 Ford F100 and his bike (a gorgeous red Indian,) tending to his three aquariums, building model rockets and tinkering with lasers and electricity.

Tattoo Client Referrals

“Darl did an amazing job on tattoos that my brother and I got for our mom… very respectful and respectable people.” -Justin Warwick

” I had a extremely specifc design that I had drawn. It was very intricate. Darl could not have made me any happier with his work!” -Aleen Stankiewicz

“Last year my cousin passed away at 27 years old from leukemia and I wanted to get a tatoo to remember her by. I had a basic idea and went in to see Darl and he turned my basic idea into something awesome I am proud to wear on my body.” -Jenifer Dunkle

“Darl helped with a tattoo I got from one of those other shops. They messed my foot up pretty bad and then wouldn’t take my calls to try and get advice or help. I called Darl. He didn’t even do the tattoo but very willingly discussed it with me and told me what I needed to do, what was wrong with my foot and how to make it right so that it didn’t stay infected and hurting. I will be seeing Darl very soon, traveling 700 miles to have him fix what that other shop screwed up.”-Shannon Lawson

“Darl did a very special piece on my back that is a tribute to the 10 year anniversary of my grandfather’s death. It is more beautiful than words can describe and most important- Darl tattooed my grandfather’s initials from some documents we had saved. It looks as if he actually wrote it right on my back. I tell everyone I know to go see Darl.” -Christy Vernier

“Darl, You are AWESOME!! I wish all men, not just tattoo artists, were as considerate as you!!” -Grace Tillman

“He really is an amazing artist. I look forward to ink time, hopefully this summer!” -Tharina Verroen

“Best cover up ever, I still can’t find the old tattoo and I have been looking at it for years!” -Heather Pierson

“Oooo my fairy! This still is my favorite tattoo no matter how many I get. Thanks again for her.” -Tammy Conway

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9 thoughts on “Darl Papple, Owner & Lead Artist

  1. I recently had a photo realistic tattoo done by Darl. I cannot say enough good things about it, or him. He nailed it. I mean he truly just knocked it straight out of the park. I’ve seen this photograph all my life, and to see it come to life on my arm was out of this world. The man can flat out make magic with ink. The tattoo was a memorial for my mother that passed away last November. I must say it really helped with the healing process. I know now that where ever I may find myself I can always look down, and my mother will be there. Thank you Darl.

    Tomorrow my daughter is sitting for a memorial photo realistic tattoo with Darl, and she is super excited about it. Her tattoo is going to be of her Mamma and Pappa on their wedding day. Knowing that Darl is the artist, neither one of us are worried. He’s gonna crush it.

    I will also be getting another one from Darl, another memorial of mom and dad from just a few years ago that I will place on the other fore arm to even things out a bit. Looking forward to it. Once again, no fear of screw ups as Darl can do no wrong with a needle in his hands.


    1. Darl is an awesome artist that takes special care and supreme detail in his work. He’s done 7 or so tats for me with each one exceeding my expectations and over lol quality of work. He’s my go to artist for all my tattoos. So far I’ve got 13 with more on y list for him to do for me. Best shop with the most artistic and caring artists I’ve found.


  2. Follow up. My daughter and I switched things up, and I went in and got the other tribute mentioned in my previous comment. Once again Darl absolutely crushed it. At this point I’d be hard pressed to let another artist have a go at my skin. Darl is a master at his craft.


  3. Clarence merrifield and i…..Melissa Kittredge want a “couples” tat. Clarence will only allow you to touch our skin. Please plan on us coming in for a couples tat. King. Queen crowns. I have a pic that can guide you with our ideas. I want elaborate detail. The most fucking awesome queen crown tat EVER done. This bitch is going to be so beautiful….u will frame it and hang it. I have faith just because my man does…….expect us to stop by soon.


  4. Love my fred on my leg. You did an awesome job Darl. You have given the best tattoo experience ever. Won’t go to anybody else .


  5. Can’t wait to come back and see Darl! My family and I have had beautiful tats done by him! BTW, we’re not done with him yet! Excited to finish these all up!


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