Simple Share Squares

Facebook has decided in order for your business to be seen by the majority of your fans, you will have to pay to promote your posts. One way around that is to post your important statuses as eye catching images.

Simple Share Squares is our solution to this problem.  In our experience, images get shared and have a much higher virality rate than status updates. A few weeks ago, as a test, we paid Facebook thirty bucks to see what we could get out of it.  We got a whole lot of nothing with our “sponsored posts.” Our “ad” ran for less than one day and reached only a fraction of our target market because we didn’t want to pay to reach our entire small town. We had to narrow it down to people we hadn’t already reached, in our town, in a specific age group who were friends of our fans.

If our fans simply “like” one of our Simple Share Squares, it reaches far more people than that, and the promotion is natural and organic. It’s word-of-mouth advertising at its best.  Plus, once you purchase a Simple Share Square, it’s yours forever.  You can share it every day or on special occasions at your leisure. Take a look at some of our Simple Share Squares that have enjoyed significantly more “newsfeed exposure” than our $30 “sponsored post” ever managed to muster:

But Wait… There’s More!

Included in the Simple Share Square low, low price of $29, we will also put your Simple Share Square in our portfolio, which means it will show up on The Shop’s Facebook wall. Which means it will be “liked” or “shared” by about an average of 50-60 people that first day, which means it will show up in those 50-60 people’s friends’ newsfeeds… Simply because we have the best Facebook fans on earth.


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