Artists At The Shop Own Their Own Businesses, Rent Booths


Artists process their own payments, so while some use normal credit cards, others also use additional apps like Paypal, Stripe, or Venmo. Sometimes artists go cash only. This is entirely up to them and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

Because artists process their own payments, if you are purchasing a gift card from an artist, that gift card is for the artist named on the gift certificate or gift card only. If you are purchasing a gift certificate for a loved one, please be sure you know which artist they prefer to use.


Given that each artist is only renting a space at out shop and own their own businesses, each artist has their own rules about deposits. Some artists may allow you to move your appointment due to illness once, others consider all deposits non-refundable. Additionally, some artists require half down upfront, while another may require $20, another require no deposits, and still another might require $100 deposits. This is up to the artist and there’s nothing I can do about it. Likewise, deposits are processed by the individual artist.

Schedule Availability

Our artists set their own availability. We don’t tell them when they have to come in. They are allowed to do late after hours tattoos and they are allowed to take three weeks off if they feel like it. They simply rent booths from us. I have no control over their availability.


If you are entitled to a refund for some reason, you will need to contact your artist. If there is a problem and your artist won’t issue you a refund, but you are entitled to one, please message The Shop, because Darl is generally willing to do free tattoo work in order to make sure that no client that gets tattooed in our facility feels ripped off on a case-by-case basis.

Warrantying Work

If there is something wrong with your tattoo and you need a touch up or someone to fix a tattoo that you got at your shop, this is where The Shop has you covered. We ask that you first seek out your touch up or warranty work from the artist that tattooed you. If you aren’t satisfied, Darl, the owner of The Shop will warranty any work that comes out of The Shop except work that is done on hands or feet or tattoos that are solid white.

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