Exciting Changes Coming For The Shop

Huge changes are coming for The Shop. Some of them are sad and some of them are happy, but all of them are exciting and conducive to growth for our shop, our shop family and our shop community.

The Shop Got A Manager

Liz will be there to greet our door, book appointments, direct walk-ins, answer the phone, conduct follow up check-ins, and make sure that everything flows easily through this period of growth. (updated Oct 3rd to finally name our manager)


The Shop Hired a New Tattoo Artist

We have hired a new tattoo artist. Sean is new to the area and will help with walk-ins, but he is an experienced artist, and cleanliness is just as important to him as it is to Darl.


The Shop Is Going All-Disposables

The Shop is working on moving to all-disposables. Though we’ve had a safety new solution in place for the last seven years to ensure that there was a safety window of time to separate autoclave testing and end-use of non-disposable tubes, we are told that shops that feature all disposables instill a generally higher level of comfort among clients. So, that’s that. You want us on all-disposables, that’s what we’re going to do.

Matt is Departing from Fowlerville, Dearly

Matt is headed to Milford. We are all sad about this, but we are choosing to look at this as an exciting time of growth for everyone. He will have more privacy in the new shop and be closer to many of his clients.

Matt joined us as an apprentice and he absolutely stunned everyone. His innate talent was evident when we hired him, and he worked hard to transfer that into tattooing. We consider ourselves blessed to have been able to work with him for the last six years. He will always be loved and supported by everyone at The Shop. Yes, we will miss him, but no, we are not upset with him about his choice. We support him and are excited for him as he steps out of his first tattoo home and outward towards growth. Good friends should never try to hinder one another’s growth.

Please note: We understand that typically when a tattoo artist moves, clients feel that they must choose a loyalty. There is no need to feel uncomfortable when you are around us. There are no sides to chose. If you want a tattoo from Matt, head to Milford for that tattoo. If you want a tattoo from Darl, Audra, Kevin or our new artist, come see us at the shop. You can go back and forth. We all support each other. 

Below is Matt’s announcement and where to find him as of September 1st. All of your current appointments will be honored, but after this month, they will take place in a new location.

The Shop Will Feature Guest Artists

By in October, we will feature guest artists. We’ll have five booths after we get things coordinated with the health department. We already have our first guest artist lined up. He will be here for a week. He’s a familiar face, to say the least.

Remember this guy?

If you’ve missed his handsome face, be sure to swing into The Shop in October.

That concludes our updates… for now.


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