Tattoo Artist Needed

The Shop will be adding a fifth booth after hammering out the details with the health department. We are not hiring at the moment, but we will be hiring a fifth artist in the near future. Our plan is to have five booths operational this summer.

We would be pleased to meet with any artists interested in this opportunity at any point between now and when the booth becomes operational.

We are looking for someone who is honest, usually friendly, mostly happy, generally flexible, and an exceptional artist. The Shop is clean, comfortable and relaxing. We are a family-friendly facility. We do not discriminate (nor do we tolerate discrimination from our staff) based on race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or national origin, so any new artist can’t either.

Booth rent: $1,200 or 60/40-artist’s favor. Artists are independent contractors. E-mail or message The Shop on Facebook for more details.


  • Artist will come to work on time, unless prearranged, at least four days of the week. Hours are negotiable.
  • Artist will set up maintain a Google calendar. We will help you get one started.
  • Any social media accounts used by the artist must reflect decency of character.
  • Artist will be clean and hygienic every day.
  • Artist will follow all health code regulations at all times.
  • Artist will create new designs on a regular basis.
  • Artist will accept walk-ins when available and will have to tattoo some non-custom, Pinterest style flash sometimes.
  • Artist will purchase their own machine, ink, disposable tubes/carts and toolbox for their booth.
  • Artist will keep booth clean, in accordance with health codes and shop policy.
  • Artist will pitch in with keeping the common areas clean.
  • Artist will fill out a W-9 and all other legally required forms.
  • Artist will fill out accurate paperwork for all clients.

The Shop will provide:

  • Booth space.
  • Apprenticeship if needed at no charge.
  • Yearly on site training.
  • Yearly Red Cross certification.
  • All supplies like gloves, ink caps, green soap, Saniderm, etc.
  • Certified medical waste management.
  • Facility in compliance with all health codes.
  • Cable internet and phone.
  • Art desk.
  • Tattoo chair and stool.
  • Cintas services for paper towel, soaps, etc.
  • Basic housekeeping around the shop – Not booth cleaning.
  • Annual reviews.
  • Required paperwork and storage of paperwork.


  • A drawing portfolio will be required.
  • Artist must be at least 18 years old.
  • Artist must be willing and able to perform job tasks and fulfill job expectations.

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