Small Towns Rock -Now, Let’s Win This Contest Together!

EDIT 3/23:  WE WON THIS REGIONAL! Thank you! To help us win the STATEWIDE competition, CLICK HERE and vote!

The Shop has the best clients in the state.

There is no question about that. We’ve been open just over a few years and have spent very little on advertising, because our clients are so thoughtful and so loyal, that most of our marketing is done by word-of-mouth. When we started, we wanted to build a shop where our customers felt they had a stake in it, and consistently, we have seen our clients pull together for our shop and for each other. Our clients have, through our social media cross overs and having never even met, helped each other with fundraisers, find emergency housing, even sell vehicles.

Our clients have an unbelievable sense of community towards each other and us. Simply having been nominated by enough of our clients to even be in this contest is clear evidence of this. We are grateful for all of you.

Small towns are awesome.

When we were deciding where to open our shop, we were told, “You’ll never get any business in Fowlerville” and “Good luck getting anyone to be willing to drive into The Ville just for tattoos.” People suggested Jackson or Lansing.

But our Fowlerville and Livingston County clients are unbelievably supportive of us, just like we knew they would be. We didn’t want to open a business somewhere else. Rural Livingston is our home. We knew that opening a business in town meant more out-of-towners eating at our favorite local restaurants and shopping at our downtown grocery stores for their essentials. You know the whole, “As long as I’m here, I may as well stop and pick up ____ at the grocery store.” Maybe they’ll see that we have a downtown tax service that is amazing, inexpensive and fair or find Monument Engineering for surveying needs. Next door, Dawn at the flooring shop could make anyone happy with how nicely she treats people and the other Dawn down the road at Livingston Leather can make custom leather products (like our motorcycle seat) and sews patches onto biker jackets, among a wide array of other things. Our community is rich with talent, and the more people that come through here, the more they will see that.

That was our plan, and that’s how it’s working out.

While I believe that Darl, Matt, Audra and Philly (even though he is only with us part of the year) are the coolest artists and among the coolest, kindest, people in the region, I also recognize that the MLIVE contest really shows who has the best, most supportive, most generous CLIENTS.

MLIVE coolest tattoo shop Ann Arbor contest<—Look left, at the screen grab from the MLIVE article. You guys did that for us.

We’re virtually tied right now with Lucky Monkey, a really awesome tattoo shop located in liberal Ann Arbor that has been established for over 15 years! Lucky Monkey has over 8000 Facebook likes, while we have much less at around 5500. Being this close to them in the MLIVE contest is a testament to how amazing you guys are!

Let’s do this!

Let’s show everyone what we’re made of and win this contest together. You can help by voting, by sending this post to your friends who like us, and by sharing this post to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Thank you so much for everything you’ve all done to get us this far. We’re just a small town shop in a rural county. Livingston has half the population of Washtenaw’s, and Fowlerville itself has a population of only around 3000 people compared to Ann Arbor’s 117 thousand people. But we have the greatest clients in the world, and I hope to make it clear to the entire MLIVE audience that no matter which shop ends up being the coolest shop in the state, hands down, our customers are best in the world.

Click here to vote! There is NO registration required, only a captcha!





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