Thanks For Nominating Us For ‘Coolest Tattoo Shop’ In The Area- Here’s How To Help Us Win!


EDIT 3/23:  WE WON THIS REGIONAL! Thank you! To help us win the STATEWIDE competition, CLICK HERE and vote!



Thank you so much! You guys are the best clients anywhere. A bunch of you nominated us for the MLIVE “Coolest Tattoo Shop” award.

We were surprised and honored to learn this morning that so many of you wrote in saying that The Shop deserved to be selected as the coolest tattoo shop in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas that we ended up as one of the 12 finalists! In Livingston county, we also share this honor with Steel Tattoo and American Graffiti. They are also really great shops, but we hop you’ll vote for us of course!

Needless to say, we are really excited that all of you did this for us. We’ve been in this community as a shop for a few years now and it’s been very rewarding.

You can help us win by voting for us once a day until March 21st.

Click on the image of the poll to go directly to the article. The poll to vote for us is located on the right side of the article!

Thank you.



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