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Want to win a free tattoo?


222385_1539342702787_426407_nFree tattoos from your cousin’s brother-in-law out in the garage might sound awesome if you’re drunk, but free tattoos as part of a promotion through a state licensed body art facility are awesome all the time!

If you want to win a free tattoo from yours truly, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Subscribe to this website by email. You do that by going to the mainpage and scrolling down to the bottom right hand side. Beneath where it says, “FOLLOW OUR BLOG, VORACIOUS DISCOURSE, VIA EMAIL,” there is a button that says, “CLICK TO BE AWESOME.” Enter your email there.
  2. Leave a comment on this post letting me know that you did, in fact, click to be awesome and enter your email when prompted.

Then, you will magically be entered to win a free tattoo. The free tattoo will be worth $150. It can be whatever you want. Except it can not be tribal.  If your tattoo is really cool, it’s plausible and reasonable that I may go over the $150 limit. I’m not saying it’s likely or promised, only that it’s plausible and reasonable.

I will pick a winner in a while. When I feel like I’ve gotten enough exposure from this game to make it worth it. And I will announce the winner on a subsequent post.

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55 thoughts on “Want to win a free tattoo?

  1. Already subscribed. That’s is how I knew about this :)

  2. I subscribed. Honestly, you would have to be foolish not to!

  3. Well I’m already a fan an subscribed, and you are awesome to be offering such a sweet giveaway again!!! :)

  4. Gotta say I don’t think the garage tattoo would be cool, even at my drunkest. I’ll stick with the state licensed facility, thank you very much.

  5. I entered! Looking for a witchy piece of art…to match my family tree. Thanks! (KristinaDrake)

  6. Definitely subscribed! I love your work!

  7. Done!! I love that you do contests like this :)

  8. I joined 666 others and now I’m really awesome :-)

  9. Sounds like a great promo idea, I’m game!

  10. Do great work!!!

  11. Signed up!! I’m ready for a new tattoo!

  12. I’m in!

  13. Done been itching for more ink

  14. I’m even more awesomer than before.

  15. im awesome :) see you next week when my mom comes to get her tattoo :)

  16. Done! I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately involving tattooing- I think my subconscious is telling me it’s time for more ink. I have a cool idea for one that incorporates my two girls. I just need your expertise to pull it out of my head and onto my skin.

  17. I wanna win Shop Bucks for my tattoo!!!! Pick me! :)

  18. Doneee (:

  19. Looking to get a chief to go with my Indian MC tattoo.

  20. I love your work Darl. Give me $150 towards my back tattoo and I will expand it larger and post it on fb for all to see how awesome you are! I promise!

  21. I hooked myself up with some email!

  22. this is awsome! what a great idea!

  23. I want this for an awesome portrait tattoo that I would really love Darl to do

  24. I really hope I win!


  26. I enter my email adress, I have beed saving money for my next tattoo, nee dto find a good artist.

  27. Love the blogs!

  28. Done!! Though i was awesome before!! :-)

  29. Done! Free tattoo for me please :)

  30. I must be awesome because I clicked :-D

  31. Best shop around won’t go any where else on my 6th tat from Darl the detail is so great was in the bar last night had a guy tell me its the best tat he has ever seen and asked for a picture I tell any one looking for ink to go to the shop Darl . And Philly are great guys opps Steve too

  32. Thank you! I clicked to be awesome!!

  33. Just going to comment again to reassure im in on this! I wont go anywhere else now because the service and work I get is amazing. I would love to be awesome and win this!

  34. AwEsOmE tHaNkS :D

  35. Done! would love a new tattoo!

  36. I’m now Awsome and you have my email address:)

  37. I’m Awesome!!

  38. Hell Yeah….Free is my second favorite f word

  39. ….I clicked….am I awesome now?? Great contest! Thanks for offering it!

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  41. I pressed click if your awesome and left my email. And then activated it in my email. Hope I win!! :))

  42. All signed up.. Can’t wait to see who wins.

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